UNFICYP (United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus) was established with UN Security Council resolution 186 (1964) to prevent a recurrence of fighting between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots communities, contribute to the maintenance and restoration of law and order and return to normal conditions.

The Mission’s responsibilities expanded in 1974, following a coup organized by elements favoring union with Greece and subsequent military intervention by Turkey, whose troops established control over the northern part of the island. After these hostilities, the Security Council adopted a number of resolutions expanding UNFICYP’s mandate. The changes included supervising the de facto ceasefire and maintaining a buffer zone between the lines of the Cyprus National Guard and of the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot forces. The Buffer Zone extends approximately 180 km across the island. In some parts, it is only a few meters wide, while in other areas its width exceeds a few kilometers. Its northern and southern limits are the lines where the belligerents stood following the ceasefire of 16 August 1974, as recorded by UNFICYP.


·      prevention of recurrence of fighting between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots communities;

·      contribution to the maintenance and restoration of law and order inside the Buffer Zone;

·      support the fullest possible resumption of normal civilian activity in the buffer zone;

·      provision of humanitarian assistance;

·      supervision the ceasefire lines;

·      maintenance of the Buffer zone.

The police component is headed by UNFICYP Senior Police Advisor and is comprised of 69 police officers from sixteen countries as of February 2020.

Ukrainian national contingent in UNFICYP is represented by the National Police of Ukraine officers and the National Guard of Ukraine.


-       patrolling of the Buffer zone;

-       facilitating local law enforcement investigations inside the Buffer zone;

-       coordination of humanitarian aid function and monitoring of human rights;

-       facilitation activities of governmental and non-governmental organizations inside the Buffer zone;

-       controlling the civilian access to the Buffer zone, including monitoring the crossing points between the north and the south, providing escorts; issuing and verifying permits for works in the Buffer zone, etc;

-       other tasks according to the occupying positions.

United Nations Police Forces in Cyprus are working without weapons and without special police equipment. In exceptional cases, they are allowed to utilize protective equipment, such as a helmet and bulletproof vest. The area of UNFICYP responsibility is covering the territory of the Buffer zone where on the one hand the positions of the armed Turkish military and on the other the observation points of the Cypriot National Guard. The prevail UNFICYP activities are related to the civilian population in the Buffer zone.


According to Security Council Resolution № 2430 (2018) the total number of mission personnel is 1233 people:

-       civilians (international and local staff) – 150;

-       troops (750 militaries and 52 staff officer) – 802;

-       police – 69.

The total number of casualties in UNFICYP for all the period of its existence is 183 people, including:

-       civilians – 8;

-       militaries – 172;

-       police – 3.

Now, the Ukraine national contingent consists of 8 officers, including 2 females. Two officers hold the positions in HQ – one of them is Deputy Commander of the Police Component, second one is responsible for the human resources. Four officers are in commanding positions in the respective sectors and two others are performing as patrol officers.


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